Mazars’ response to Covid-19

During the ongoing coronavirus situation, Mazars has implemented clear and decisive measures to ensure the welfare of our people and clients while ensuring that we continue to deliver for those who rely on us.

[Update: June 9th】

Following the Japanese Government's lifting of the state of emergency, Mazars in Japan has decided to relax the mandatory Work From Home (hereinafter "WFH") policy from June.

From June 1st, we have shifted to a new operating model, where WFH is the primary work arrangement and coming to the office is remains limited for those who have tasks that needs to be done in the office. This is to ensure the safety of our staff and at the same time to minimise any potential disruption to the services we provide to our clients. So far, we have observed minimal issues coming from the WFH situation and thank our clients for their cooperation in that regards.

The next phase we plan is to operate our services from the office, with at first a maximum occupancy rate of 50% by introducing team rotation. We will move to this Phase after confirming the policy of the Government and situation of the Covid-19. Meanwhile, Mazars in Japan has shared safety guidelines to keep social distance, mandatory wearing of masks at the office, mandatory wash hands and promote online meetings to operate safely in this new environment.

We deeply appreciate our clients and vendors for their understanding and cooperation.


Ensuring resilience and maintaining the level and quality of client service

Beyond protecting the welfare of our clients and people, Mazars’ first priority is to continue to deliver on our business commitments. As part of our existing contingency planning, we have implemented systems and procedures to ensure continuity and to minimise any disruption. 

Our teams have full access to remote working technology with secure access to their applications, tools and data, wherever they are, and agile working processes are well-established across the firm.

In a shifting environment, we will continue to adapt our approach to best navigate the uncertain situation while keeping our people and our clients front of mind.

From April 6, our offices will be subject to a voluntary lockdown with most of our partners and staff working from home. No visitor are allowed in our offices until April 24. Our teams make full use of virtual meetings and agile working technology to stay connected with each other and our clients, deliver on our commitments, and provide continuity and support at the time it’s most needed. We appreciate the understanding of our clients and other stakeholders on this matter.

The economic consequences of the Covid-19 crisis are significant and the local authorities have started rolling out new measures to support businesses. Mazars is supporting its clients in identifying and developing an understanding of these measures. Please refer to our Covid-19 Support Measures Alerts .

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