Our vision for the next chapter

30 years ago, Mazars started as a greenfield to help our European clients in Japan. We had a tiny office in Ebisu with only 3 staff, but those few were the warriors. We also had clients, whom were always loyal to us.

30 years later, in September 2022, We moved to a new office. We are now amongst the top professional practices, that comprises over 200 talented staff. Our services consists of Audit, Outsourcing, Tax and Advisory. Yet, we keep a proximity to our clients and we are honoured to have their trust in us. This is due to the success of our team, but also a reflection of a winning representation of the entire Mazars group. 30 years ago, if you count the number of Mazars members as a group, it was about 500 people, of course, mainly based in Europe. Since then, we have come a long way. Today, our group has grown into a global partnership of over 44,000 professionals with a presence in over 90 countries and territories.

However, the figures are not the most important, but our strength stands out the most for the way we are. 

Firstly, we are truly international. Our staff in Japan comprises 19 nationalities and we serve clients from all around the world with the technical capacities and the knowledge in all major tax, accounting and regulatory standards. Secondly, we are not only international. We are also integrated. All our staff worldwide belong to the same "One Team". This One international Team is probably today, the best choice in the Japanese market for cross-border businesses and activities.

Looking into the future, we will strive to continue investing in the areas of our orthodox businesses, Auditing and Advising international businesses in Japan which has been our strength. In parallel, we are now developing new segments for Tax, we are openly recruiting additional resources to reinforce our critical mass, but at the same time, will develop new areas of expertise. For instance, in Advisory we are structuring our offering around transaction support, post-merger integration, Governance Risk and Internal Control as well as Forensic. For Audit, we are specialising in cross-border IPO led by a partner with their deep knowledge and experience in this particular area. We are already in a in-depth discussions with Japanese companies wanting to be listed on the NASDAQ, vice versa as foreign companies wanting to be listed in Tokyo. We are increasing our prescence within the Japanese businesses by currenrtly providing the service to six Japanese publicly listed companies. 

Our ambition is to become the provider of choice for Japanese businesses with an international reach. The same way we have been serving for the international businesses in Japan. We are today, an international practice in Japan, and we are fast becoming a Japanese International practice thanks to efforts made by our one integrated team. 

The backbone of our business is our team and the culture of the company. Everyday, everyone of us, whether you are a an amazing women or men in the workforce, we have the capability and willgness to learn, teach, unite and play an important role in building our culture, and to be successful. Unwithered since the establishment, we are still serving our clients as one team, and, we are still enjoy the time together, by having a drink or going for a hike on a Japanese mountain on Saturdays. Here at Mazars, we embrace differences because we believe that individual uniqueness leads to greater value and success. We strive in creating an inclusive working environment where people come from different cultures and diverse backgrounds.

Mazars in Japan will continue to work as one team to provide services and contribute to the development of your business , people and society. As we take our steps towards further development, We would like to thank you once again for your continued support and encouragement.