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We pride ourselves on our independent perspective: one that balances local and global, business and society, in a different way. We provide insights on the future of our profession and its role in building a fair and prosperous world. Through our publications, we highlight and share our views on the major changes that will impact the lives and business models of our clients, as well as on the megatrends that will reshape our world.

A time of transformation Public and social sector study 2023

Mazars C-suite barometer

Every year, Mazars conducts research to understand the priorities and issues at the heart of our clients’ businesses. Our C-suite barometer gathers the views of executives from all over the world, giving us valuable insight into key topics on their agenda, the trends and transformations they expect to impact their company, the challenges and opportunities they are facing and their outlook for the year ahead.

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C-suite 2023
Financial reporting of European banks: benchmark study top

Financial reporting of European banks study

Investing in CEE: Inbound M&A report 2022/2023

The beginning of 2022 signalled to what was to be a turbulent year for both European and global market, as Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February. Trends that were already in play in 2021, rising inflation and higher borrowing costs, were greatly amplified. The war unleashed supply shocks, notably in the wholesale gas market.

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 Investing in CEE: Inbound M&A report 2022/2023
Transfer pricing Asia cover photo

Transfer pricing trends in Asia with insights from the UK and EU Webinar Report

Organisations that span international borders are increasingly facing complex tax issues. As the tax landscape continues to evolve, transfer pricing remains a top priority for multinational enterprises. The current economic landscape places transfer pricing under greater scrutiny from tax authorities around the world.

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Cyber security: Is your safety net strong enough?

Cyber threats are all around us. This is not paranoia, it’s an unfortunate reality: every day brings new hacks, new data leaks, new embarrassment – and new costs, both financial and commercial. Nobody is spared. The attacks target companies large and small, as well as public-sector institutions and individuals. How can organisations protect themselves?

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Doing M&A in the Americas: Tax traps and structuring opportunities

26-05-2022 America is a vast continent often referred to as a ‘continent of contrasts due to its natural, economic, cultural, and demographic diversity. In addition, it also presents inequalities in economic and developmental structure. These factors create a source of tax uncertainties where doing business in this region can be challenging in terms of tax environments that are not as similar.

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Reinventing the wheel: driving conversations

The mobility sector is undergoing major transformations as it responds to evolving consumer expectations and demands for cleaner, more connected, and sharable mobility solutions. To shed light on what’s happening ‘on the ground’ as key players work to shape the future of mobility, we have created part two of our ‘Reinventing the wheel’ series, featuring interviews with mobility experts and senior executives from leading automotive players.

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Doing M&A in Western Europe Tax traps and structuring opportunities header

Doing M&A in Western Europe: Tax traps and structuring opportunities

6-12-2021 With its place in Europe and its integration in the EU, Western Europe tends to be less of a source of tax uncertainties. But conducting business in this area can be a challenge regarding tax environments which are not that similar.

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Chinese consumers in 2021: how priorities in lifestyle consumption are changing

2021-12 China’s consumer market, second only to the US, is key to both domestic and international brands. While the buying behaviours of consumers in China have been well-documented, more recent shifts in consumer preferences in the wake of Covid-19 are less well-known. Our new study ‘Chinese consumers in 2021: how priorities in lifestyle consumption are changing’ seeks to investigate trends in buying behaviour that show a shift away from material goods towards more experiential spending.

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