Facts & Figures

Find out what it is like working at Mazars from actual figures and facts.
Our staff engagement survey showed that more than 80% of our staff would recommend their friends to apply for a job at Mazars in Japan.

Facts & Figures


Our working environment


Number of staff


it has increased by 4 times over the past 5 years or so 


Women :  Men



Average age

36 years old




Japan, France, England, China, Thailand, Korea, Germany, Ivory Coast, Ireland, USA, Vietnam, Belgium, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, Hong Kong, Philippines  


No. of spoken languages



Average overtime hours / month in busy season

AOS = 24 h / AUDIT = 29 h / TAX = 31 h / FAS = 14 h  Average of January - March (around the busiest time of the year - actual of 2020)


Paid leave utilization rate

80%+ Average


Our clients


Number of our clients

140 for FY2018-19

+30 compared to FY2017-18


Our clients' nationalities

25 countries as of December 2018

USA 35% / France 27% / Israel 8% / England 6% / Germany 5% / Thailand 5% / Other 



Results of our staff engagement survey

Taken place in May 2019


feels that their work provides them the opportunity to learn and grow


feels that they have good support from peers / supervisors


feels satisfied with the diversity in clients (small to large, nationality, industry etc)


feels satisfied with the international flavour in terms of staff


of our senior staff would recommend their friends to apply for a job at Mazars in Japan


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