Are Big 4 Now Too Big to Fail? - Why Is This a Problem

Bruce Darrington Speaks on “Big 4 Oligopoly”

May 25th 2011

Bruce Darrington, Managing Partner of Mazars Japan gave a presentation on the topic “Are the Big 4 too big to fail? – Why is this a problem? – “ at a discussion event. His opponent, Matthew Wyborn, Partner of PwC and COO for Japan also gave a presentation to defend his view on the topic.

Executives from significant financial institutions as well as Partners of Big 4 firms attended and joined the discussion. The event was successful with some fruitful discussions between Challengers and the Big 4.

- A Testimonial

Thanks for the presentation last night Bruce – I really enjoyed it. I think had time allowed we could have got the whole group debating for a couple more hours!

Director CitiCards Japan Ltd.