Corporate Secretarial Services

Multi-lingual secretarial services include consultancy and preparation of documents on the Japanese Companies Act and any other Japanese laws.

We assist companies and individuals with incorporation processes, corporate compliance documentation, business license applications, work permit acquisition support, and a variety of services as required by our clients.


Work permit and Visa application support

We provide services for the acquisition of work permits for our clients’ employees and dependent visa for their family members.

Corporate compliance documentation

We assist drafting various documents such as the minutes for the ordinary general shareholders meeting for corporate compliance purposes.

Business license acquisition support

We support business license applications such as construction license.

Administration services

We can act as your back office and provide administration services. 

Whileyou develop your business in Japan, it is common not to have an office administrator because you would only have professional staffs to focus on developing the business. This is when we support your administrative matters such as invoicing and assistance with rent contracting.

There are so many potential administrative services we can do, please feel free to consult with us to discuss what and how we may help.

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