Consulting services include post M&A support, Forensic & Investigation, Business Process support, Outsourced Internal Audit and Internal Control.

Post-acquisition integration assistance

At Mazars, we believe effective post deal transformation planning and execution is crucial to the success of all deals. Our services range from providing full planning, implementation and central coordination and delivery of the transformation process, to acting as a sounding and advisory board where we provide objective and independent advice as and when you require.

Vendor audits/contract compliance audit

Companies sometimes experience project or contract cost over runs that are difficult to explain. A comprehensive contract audit strategy can help you gain control of current problems and avoid concerns in the future.

Reporting advisory services

Mazars supports companies to improve the structure of their finance functions, keeping the right balance between controls and efficiency. Also, we believe the finance function can be a major contributor to the businesses through its ability to provide intelligence about the performance of the organization.

Regulatory compliance

Certain companies are subject to strong regulatory monitoring and reporting obligations. Their processes and controls must be compliant with applicable local regulations but they may also have to follow foreign regulations as subsidiaries of foreign groups. Costs of these redundant controls can rapidly escalate and slow down the business.

Forensic & investigation services

We provide a practical and tailored approach to each assignment, and are sensitive to concerns over business disruption, confidentiality and reputation issues. The hands on, innovative and proactive approach of our partners ensures we thoroughly investigate and analyse your case to meet your needs. We present our findings as a written report or statement and, when required, in the witness box.

Business process redesign

By systematically assessing the current state of our client’s business processes, our team identifies areas of weakness and work with clients to prioritise improvement opportunities and plan implementation.

Internal control, SOX, J-SOX assessments and documentation

The quality of the internal control environment over the business and financial processes have become a top priority in large organizations because they see internal control as a driver of quality in everything they do and a strong mitigation tool against risks of material errors and frauds.