Outsourced internal audit services

Internal audit is necessary to review and report on the complex, high-risk areas of an organisation. Mazars will perform high quality assessment on behalf of clients.

Overseeing reputation, governance, finance and compliance with laws and regulations can significantly increase the demands on management time. Mazars’ specialist team can ease the burden and take on all or a part of your internal audit.

Banking, securities or insurance regulators more and more see internal audit as an integral part of assurance, from managing the risks to establishing an effective internal control framework. They stress the importance of clear reporting lines, competence and independence from the daily activities of the firm.

At Mazars, we have a wealth of experience of internal audit. We understand that your internal audit will depend on the nature, scale and complexity of your organisation and the range of its operations. Mazars does not believe in a ‘one size fits all approach’ - every business is unique.

Our tailored internal audit work can include:

  • reviewing your existing internal audit function to ensure compliance with all regulations (FSA, Sarbanes-Oxley, etc.) and ensure best practice
  • advising on the options and arrangements available for your internal audit
  • acting as your outsourced audit function (for instance to complete a heavy annual audit plan)
  • developing risk based internal audit strategies and work plans
  • advising on how to improve your internal audit methodology

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