Financial Advisory Services

Advisory Services includes IFRS Advisory, M&A advisory, Transaction Support, Preparation for listing in Japan / overseas

Transaction Support

We advise foreign companies making acquisitions in Japan or seeking to sell a Japanese entity. We also advise Japanese companies in assessing targets overseas and preparing for sale to foreign investors.

Project finance and financial modeling

With support from our global Project Finance practice, we offer financial model audit services to public sector procurers of PPP projects or to seasoned private sector developer or fund. Our audit aims at providing you with assurance that the models developed for the project are free from material error. Mazars will provide assurance that your models work efficiently and effectively.

Valuation services

We provide business valuations for a number of purposes. Using various models, including net realisable asset methodology, discounted cash flow techniques and utilising stock market valuation methodology, we provide full business valuations.

Services to lenders

Commercial banks, asset-based lenders, factors, hedge funds and private equity firms can all safeguard themselves with due diligence when structuring new loans, evaluating the existing loan portfolio, or when workout arrangements are needed.