Services to lenders

Commercial banks, asset-based lenders, factors, hedge funds and private equity firms can all safeguard themselves with due diligence when structuring new loans, evaluating the existing loan portfolio, or when workout arrangements are needed.

We focus on gaining an understanding of the borrower and the lender’s collateral through analytical analysis, transaction testing, and management inquiries. We are committed to a quick turnaround time and fast deployment of professionals for immediate assistance.

Our services are utilized for:

  • Preloan surveys
  • Periodic examinations
  • Troubled company analysis
  • Borrowing base review •Special projects

The due diligence services we provide to lenders include some of the following procedures:

  • Calculation of availability and ineligibles
  • Evaluation of advance rates
  • Evaluation of management and accounting personnel
  • Analysis of accounts receivable and related process documentation
  • Roll forward of accounts receivable and calculation of dilution and turnover
  • Analysis of inventory and related process documentation
  • Analysis of accounts payable and related process documentation
  • Analysis of cash and related process documentation
  • Evaluation of inventory insurance coverage
  • Determination of the status of payments for payroll, property, income and sales taxes
  • Analysis of internal and external financial statements

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