Tax Advisory Services

Tax Advisory Services comprise Corporate Tax Compliance and Support, Individual Income Tax Compliance and Support, and Tax Planning and Advisory.

Corporate Tax Compliance and Support

Corporate Tax Compliance, Consumption Taxation and Tax Investigation Support 

Corporate Tax Compliance

We support Clients by producing the half year and year end Corporate tax returns for the purpose of filing for both national and local taxation.

Consumption Taxation

Consumption Tax has many similarities with VAT and GST but also important differences. We support Clients by producing the annual (or sometimes more frequently produced ) Consumption tax returns.

Tax Investigation Support

We have considerable experience and expertise in handling Inspections by the Tax Department including pre inspection preparation, handling the inspection itself and negotiating a successful outcome.

Individual Income Tax Compliance and Support

Advisory Services on International Executive Taxation, and Personal Taxation

International Executive Taxation

We provide individual income tax compliance services for international executives as well as administering their remuneration schemes and working with Mazars overseas offices ensure that tax equalization processes are administered correctly.

Personal Taxation

We provide personal tax compliance services and individual income tax planning services

Tax Planning and Advisory

General Corporate Tax Planning and Advisory Services including on Transfer Pricing, Global Tax Structures, Outbound Tax Advisory, Inbound Tax Advisory and Transaction Tax Advisory

General Corporate Tax Planning

We perform a one off review of the business and propose suggestions as to where the business could be run more efficiently from a tax point of view.

Advice on Transfer Pricing

We build studies from scratch or alternatively work with practices that companies are suing elsewhere in the world and propose necessary adjustments for the purposes of complying with Japanese regulations.

Advice on Global Tax Structures

Utilising other Mazars offices where necessary, we suggest the most appropriate structures from the global business point of view.

Outbound Tax Advisory

We advise Japanese multinational corporations the most efficient way of setting up / acquiring and managing foreign business from a global tax point of view.

Inbound Tax Advisory

We build strategies of global enterprises in the most tax efficient manner for their investment in Japan.

Transaction Tax Advisory

Our tax experts provide advisory on M&A, tax-free reorganization and due diligence.