Claire Gueydan-O’Quin Partner, Head of Real Estate Consulting Europe

Claire Gueydan
  • 2000Begins her career with Mazars
  • 2011Becomes Financial Services Partner
  • 2017Appointed Head of Real Estate Consulting and Head of Global France Services
  • 2019Named French Foreign Trade Advisor (CCEF)

Auditor and holder of two Master’s degrees in Business law and Audit & Corporate Governance, Claire Gueydan-O’Quin joined Mazars in Paris in 2000. During the five years she spent in Madrid, she was involved in the creation of the banking audit & advisory department at Mazars in Spain, and supported French businesses in their development in this very dynamic market.

Claire has been a partner since 2011 and signs off the accounts of major French international groups in the real estate sector.

Since 2018, she leads the Real Estate Consulting department advising both private and public firms and institutions. The clients she supports include pure real estate players (developers, land owners, investment funds, etc.) and company divisions for whom real estate is a key strategic issue (property departments, workplace environment departments, finance departments, etc.).

A vastly experienced partner passionate about international business relationships, Claire leads Mazars’ network of French Desks and French correspondents spread across the 91 countries where Mazars Group operates. The French Desks support Mazars’ French clients in their growth and expansion outside France mainly major international PIE groups and subsidiaries. In recognition of her continued commitment in advising and promoting French entrepreneurs, she was named French Foreign Trade Advisor (CCEF) by the French Government in 2019.

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