Restructuring and insolvency

Our restructuring and insolvency teams provide rapid support and creative solutions to help guide you through periods of financial uncertainty, preserving and maximising value for all stakeholders.

Our global team of award-winning restructuring professionals is available to work alongside you and directly support all key business stakeholders, including business advisors, lenders, trustees and creditors. 

When faced with critical business issues, our advice and expertise will help you navigate your financial, operational or strategic challenges.  Whether you are working through a period of change within your business or reacting to forces outside your control, we will rapidly evaluate, present options and help implement the best way forward for you or stakeholders, no matter how complex the situation.  Our team have first-hand experience across a wider range of different business sectors, so will be able to understand the specific challenges faced in your industry.

We act directly for lenders, investors, trade creditors, landlords, shareholders, pensions schemes, insurers and government/regulatory bodies, helping them the rapidly understand the key issues at hand, assess the extent of any current or future credit risk and agree clear timebound action plans to address the challenges presented.  

Talk to us if you are concerned about any of the following issues in your business or a customer:

  • Short term cash flow and creditor pressure 
  • The underlying viability of your business or customer as it undergoes a period of change, stress, or uncertainty
  • Crisis management  and support negotiating with and managing key stakeholders such as landlords, creditors and legal actions (such as county court judgements, litigation and company winding up orders)
  • Insolvency planning and options analysis to manage critical business issues, or implement contingency planning ahead of a transaction or potential insolvency event
  • Selling or exiting an underperforming business or investment to maximise value for all stakeholders
  • Winding down your business in a solvent and tax efficient manner, or simplifying a complex group structure.
  • Financial forecasting and cost reduction options, such as improving working capital management or reducing balance sheet debt
  • Risk management in your lending portfolio, supply chain or debtor ledger

Our people

Our restructuring team of professionals span 30 countries, across all 5 continents, with vast experience of national and international engagements. This means that we can support your businesses during times of challenge and distress wherever you are based.

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