Development and trainings

Learning is the backbone of our talent and leadership development strategy, fundamentally embedded within our culture. Through our programmes, we nurture a pool of critical thinkers and responsible future leaders, who respond to our clients’ expectations.



Move program:

By taking advantage of international secondments and transfers you can gain first-class experience in different countries, across many service lines and sectors, enabling you to develop as an individual and progress your career in a new environment.

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Professional qualifications:

Mazars supports the acquisition of professional certifications. Paid exam leave and tuition reimbursement are available. In addition, those who attend supplementary training schools can adjust their workload, business travel, etc. within the team. You can continue your studies with no worries.

Those who have obtained professional certification are eligible for support for annual membership fees, registration fees, fees for supplementary practical training, and fees for preparatory courses for the final examination (JICPA). There is also a wide range of training available within each service line, which can be incorporated into CPE training hours.


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U-learn is the Mazars Group learning and development function, bringing together an array of learning resources from across the group. The function utilises the Mazars network by connecting people and their experience & knowledge through the form of international seminars and projects, allowing them to share their expertise. Through U-learn, you will find a catalogue of resources, courses and materials, including your own profile to keep track of your learning registrations and the ability to view what is on offer from the group.



Linkedin learning:

Being a Mazars employee also grants you access to the full suite of Linkedin Learning resources which comprises of a vast amount of technical and non-technical training.