International mobility

Our international mobility programmes seek to develop employees personally and professionally by providing them with enriching experiences and exposure. We offer a range of different programmes which can take place at different stages of your career.

Move Programme

The MOVE programme (Mazars Opportunities for Valuable Exchange) gives employees with at least 2 years of experience the chance to gain an international experience and develop new skills on  specific projects, lasting from 2 to 6 months.


Secondments can either be short-term engagements where secondees help out during busy periods through the exchange of resources, or mid-term engagements where secondees work on specific projects or with a specific client.

Transfer Programme

A long-term initiative that provides employees with an opportunity to permanently relocate and work in another country. The Transfer Programme involves signing a local contract between an employee and the host country. This can be arranged at any time during your career, from assistant level upwards.

There exist other options to go abroad.  Start a first job directly in a Mazars office abroad. You can consult the existing opportunities directly on the websites of the countries that interest you.